translated from Spanish: El Maviri restaurants get good sales on the weekend

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The restaurant sector of El Maviri island obtained good sales this weekend, so reported by Rosabel Ramírez.” Blessed God was a good weekend for all of us. There is hope for a speedy recovery.”
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The president of Tourist Service Providers of El Maviri (Prestur) mentioned that after the reopening has done well for the restaurants of the island.” The truth has done well for us. We’re operating at 40 percent, but at that 40 percent we’re doing fine. People, customers have responded, have been visiting us and for starters we are breathing, we are doing well and we hope that this will rebound.” He commented that 15 restaurants obtained health certification and two pending ones remain, which are closed, and will open as soon as they had that certification to be able to operate. He emphasized that the beach is not yet open and regretted that people who go with the idea of bathing have to come back, thinking that access is free.” Because these people come to El Maviri, they spend gas and it’s a shame they’re coming back, but they’re health guidelines and the authorities we have to take care of for everyone’s sake.” 

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