translated from Spanish: SEE pays retroactive and outstanding bonuses to the magisterium

Michoacán.- In compliance with the payment schedule, this day a total of 231 million 795 thousand 612 pesos, will record the Secretariat of Education in the State (SEE), for the payroll payment corresponding to the second half of June, the adjustment bonus (4 days), the retroactive to the wage increase of 3.4 percent from the first of January to 15 June of this year and other concepts.
To meet the fifteenth second half of 2020, the State used a total of 880 million 793 thousand 945 pesos for the payment of state and federal workers, with contributions from both government orders under the Michoacán Agreement. In addition, in extraordinary payroll 221 million 245 thousand 496 pesos will be paid.

In addition, a total of 115 million 442 thousand 170 pesos were earmarked to pay state workers the holiday bonus (BN) and state productivity bonus (BE) outstanding in 2018.
In response, the Secretary of Education in the State, Héctor Ayala Morales, stated that after the evaluation period workers continue to carry out the capture of information to the platforms to ensure the delivery of ballots and certificates that will allow the educational transit of the children and young people studying in Michoacán.
He reiterated that the unit continued to work to continue to meet the commitment to cover payments in a timely manner of workers serving education.

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