translated from Spanish: The undersecretary of Sports of Porteño resigned after the underground paddle scandal

The Undersecretary of Sports of the City of Buenos Aires, Luis Lobo, today submitted his resignation to the post after the information that placed him on the paddle courts of the town of Pilar, where 16 people were delayed for violating the mandatory quarantine by the coronavirus. However, the former professional tennis player denied having participated in a padel tournament held illegally in the «La Palmera» complex, of club Atlético Pilar.According to the heads of the entity, Lobo and the former Minister of the Interior of the Nation Rogelio Frigerio withdrew from the place moments before the raid made by Gendarmería Nacional.Al submit their resignation to the deputy head of government of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli, Lobos argued that he did so before the «versions of public knowledge» in which he was involved.

After the facts of public knowledge that involve him in a situation of alleged non-compliance with quarantine in the Partido de Pilar, this noon the Government of the City accepted the resignation to his post, presented by the Undersecretary of Sports, Luis Lobo. — Buenos Aires City ♂️↔️ ♀️ (@gcba)
June 29, 2020

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