translated from Spanish: Nissan re-exportes after re-production

It is just over 15 days since Nissan resumed its industrial activity at the Santa Isabel plant, after remaining two months without production due to quarantine. Following this line of work now has come the time to export units of the pick up Frontier.De gradual way Nissan Argentina tries to recover a normal pace of activities, in a work in conjunction with employees, customers, suppliers and dealers who must respect the sanitary measures. With the shipment of 300 frontier pickup units that were dispatched last Thursday, June 25 from the port of Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Japanese brand regained export in a process towards normalization.

“Resuming activity in Santa Isabel, and less than two weeks later, being doing a new export is a result of the effort and commitment of many people,” said Gonzalo Ibarzábal, president of Nissan Argentina.Among the on-board units are 10 Nissan Frontier S; 179 Attack; 50 XE and 61 LE. “This once again shows us the path to a stabilization of the business in a very challenging context but of which we will definitely be strengthened,” they said from Nissan.  
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