translated from Spanish: Angela Aguilar captivates her exotic viper dress

Angela Aguilar, the most fashionable young woman in the group music, again causes emotion on her social media by posing in a viper animal print dress, with which she left her followers speechless, who gave her her like approval for how well she looked at with that outfit. So far Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has achieved more than 400 thousand likes and the comments range from how well she knows how well she can combine her designs, to how beautiful she is getting, because the girl is already stealing sighs among the young people who see her as a goddess.
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«Perfection didn’t exist until you were born», «What a beautiful girl and beautiful singing», «How beautiful my dear @angela_aguilar_ I send you kisses, hugs and greetings take care of god bless you,» they wrote to the artist.
During this quarantine Angela Aguilar has been more groomed than usual because she is experimenting with new looks to look spectacular, some of them have been changing the color of her hair, until wearing more daring garments, but without falling into the vulgar, since the celebrity has always given to respect.
As if that were not enough on the women’s shoulders there is a great weight and it is the continue to keep the music of the Aguilar dynasty in force which is one of the most prestigious in Mexico thanks to its pillars Antonio Aguilar (QEPD) and Flor Silvestre who started in the Mexican Gold Cinema.
A few weeks ago Angela Aguilar shared a photo with her grandfather Antonio Aguilar, when she was just a baby and gave her a tender message on her thirteenth anniversary.

A post shared by Angela Aguilar (@angela_aguilar_) on Jun 26, 2020 at 12:19 PDT

13 years without you, but a life full of admiration. I love you today and always, as I would have liked to know you bigger. «Constant love beyond death,» Angela Aguilar wrote in the emotional photo.

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Original source in Spanish

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