translated from Spanish: Angela Torres: «This ‘girl of fire’ comes to burn down patriarchy»

«La niña de fuego» is the title of the song sung by Lolita Torres, as well as the artistic nickname of her granddaughter Angela, who shows it on her social networks where she has millions of followers. «I am leonine, which is a sign of fire, so the fire is in my birth chart and I see myself quite represented in the image of the fire and with the strength that it has,» the artist revealed, in dialogue with Julio Leiva, in a new edition of Caja Negra.How was the nickname born? «Without looking for it,» he says, and goes on. Two years ago I went on a trip to the mountains in backpacking mode and was given to listen to my grandmother, which doesn’t happen to me every day. I was given to hear it in moments of walking, listening to her records, was in the midst of searching for my records and what I was going to do, if I was going to sing, to act, I was in a moment of revolution with me. I heard the theme of «The Girl of Fire,» which I had never heard, and my head blew out, she was an angel singing.» I kept that in my head, I started writing it in my hand, in notebooks, I didn’t understand why, but I knew something was going to end and it was going to be positive. Somehow, I was challenged about it, something was reflected on me and I made it part of my day to day,» she continues. «I have many memories of my grandmother, she’s so crazy. I’m very bad with memory and it’s rare that I remember so much about her. I remember her sweetness, her essence, not so much of her talks, but her gaze and her energy and what she generated with the mere fact of being,» she confesses. Art in your veins

The daughter of actress Gloria Carrá and musician Marcelo Torres, niece of singer Diego Torres and granddaughter of Lolita, her family is linked to art, so her destiny led her on the same path. As a «family heritage,» Angela sings and acts since she was little, and considers it a «way of life»: «It’s all I want, what I think about, is my desire since I could say ‘hello’. It’s something that came to me, that I didn’t look for, but it’s always been like this since I was born. Somehow it was also the admiration to see my old lady go to the theatre, to accompany her to rehearse, to accompany my uncle to his shows and see the dynamics, to see him playing in River and the sensations that gave me that, to feel all that without knowing what it is,» he says. Thus, after participating in strips such as «Only You», «Hope Of Mine» or «Simona», he released different songs that soon became hits, such as «The Pink Life» or «Journey to the Moon». Just a few days ago he premiered his new song «Aló», which already has more than two million views on Youtube. 

For this, he works with different colleagues in the Spicy Agency, which he defines as his ‘Hogwarts’: «It is like a school of music magic and the desire to communicate and express such feelings of this generation. I feel like there’s something where we feel part of the same thing. There are many who are in one and with the same thoughts and things in our heads and the same desire to change things.» At the agency he works with Louta, who considers him as «very inspiring, he in his way of being, his artist, in everything, is a very special kid», as well as wos, «a special chabón that longs a tremendous date»: «I found it very inspired to meet them and I said ‘I’m going to cheer up because it’s this way’, that feeling. I don’t know why it was given that we’re all half together and in one, the feeling is beautiful, I feel like I’m well accompanied.» Women’s Struggle 

At the age of 21, Angela is a feminist and is part of the Argentine Actresses collective. «This ‘girl of fire’ comes to set the patriarchy on fire mainly. I do not know if this girl of fire in solitude, but together there are many things that are happening and that are moving and transforming around one that move and transform you as well and that change old beliefs and things that one has settled in one’s head, that you have to dig them up and deconstruct them and give them back as a new way. The fire girl itself seems like a nice way to call us women who are there in so much revolution and struggle,» she explains. In this regard, he gave his opinion regarding the sexual abuse complaint against Juan Darthés, with whom he shared the cast: «I am disgusted, I cannot believe it. I get a little disgusted that I shared the last time of it here, so closely, that feeling of having eaten something that you liked wrong, like that I had to digest a whole situation that I had to go through in that program, sharing it with it and under quite patriarchal rules, then, half pressed in that situation.» Coronavirus and streaming

In the middle of the pandemic, the artist says that she is already accustomed to virtuality, although she does not finish settling for that world: What me about the virtual, which is what me of the human because it also happens in relationships face to face, it is the bard, the poop behind a screen regardless of that there is a person.» There’s some of that, that it becomes very un human all because you forget that on the other side of Instagram there is a human being who is seeing you and that sometimes you can feel bad certain things. I’m given straw, in general I feel that we’re already in a moment that would be good to stop doing certain things, start taking out customs that are shit, that are harmful and that we hurt each other, when in fact we should all be aiming more or less on the same side», he says. Anyway, he rescues the affection he receives from his fans and fans and says, «Sometimes they write you some cute things and give you some advice that ends up serving you because you know it comes with a good intention behind you. Feeling close to people you don’t know and who write to you because they like what you do or because you inspired something, sometimes they even tell you secrets that are born to them because they have seen something of a scene, those half-bizarre things that they give amuse me.» Your personal life
PHOTONgela defines herself as «very anxious», and says that she did not finish school, moved to live alone in her 17th, and that she has independence since I was 12. «I do a little therapy, order me a little and read a lot. When I read I calm down, if I start reading a booklet it’s a few hours when I can think of anything other than the show or the song, those things that you have in your head constantly, it’s therapeutic time. A lot of times I tried to meditate but I don’t make it, I get crazier, I’d love to line up with that,» she says. From that perspective of courage and freedom, he says that he learned to have security and to «stop comparing» thanks to polyamory: «It does me good, it is something I deal with every day, it is an apprenticeship and a job that you take to a day, with yourself, it is very personal what you face, with jealousy, fears, insecurities , with comparisons, but when you get over it you realize that there is something internal that is growing and healthy. Growth, personally, is healthy and that’s why I’m still on that path, even if at times it turns grey, but always, at the exit, I learn something piola from the tunnel.» Then he goes on: «With the polyamory you end up facing fears, that mainly happened to me, I had to face a lot of fears. I’m very insecure, but I’m the insecure one who doesn’t show you she’s insecure. I’m the insecure one who fights in solitude, like he’s screwing up. What happened to me was that, learning to unscrew myself and that it leads to a positive path and learning and not sinking into my fears.» Your dream: to continue with your passion 
In front of the microphone, on the screen, Angela realizes that she does not imagine doing «another thing»: «If I am not in contact with art I become depressed, I really get sad. I don’t conceive of any other way, luckily I never had to think of another way. I’ve been working since I was 10 years old and literally from that moment there wasn’t a year when I didn’t work hard. «My concern is not being able to do this all my life. If there’s a concern, it’s this, a little bit I don’t think about it, but if you ask me that, stop having a job and opportunities,» he concludes. 
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