translated from Spanish: Claims Aureoles Rabbit AMLO meeting with Trump «is the most racist and conservative president» (Video)

Mexico.- In a social media message, the governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, demanded the visit that Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will make to the United States and told that his visit is rumored to be rather because «he has been quoted», the representative said.
In his message, Aureoles Conejo reminded the president that he will meet with the most racist and conservative head of state that the United States has ever had, a man who hates and promotes hatred, against people of color, against Latin Americans, against migrants wherever they come from who despises and curses Mexicans and who has attacked and denated our country since his campaign in 2016.»

Mexico’s sovereignty and the respect it deserves is not negotiated or renounced, except before the most racist head of state…
Posted by Silvano Aureoles Rabbit on Thursday, July 2, 2020

He claimed that never before had an American representative attacked us in such a way; that the treatment we as Mexicans has been «disrespectful and rude, Mexico does not forget the acts of aggression and offense received and you should not do them either.»
He recalled the use of the National Guard elements to «stop and return Central American migrants.»
«He has stated that we are the most dangerous country in the world, that he has described Mexican migrants as a threat and that he has discredited our people in every way possible, until we come to the absurdity of calling us criminals and animals,» Aureoles exclaims.
I add that we Mexicans «do not like their attitude of submission and subordination to this character, we do not think it worthy that their first departure from the country as President of Mexico… either on instructions from Donald Trump.»
He also stressed to AMLO that as «a man who is said to be left-wing, be aware that his visit might be helping to re-elect one of the worst presidents in American history, because once again you are being used by Donald Trump.

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