translated from Spanish: Fabiana Cantilo about her romance with Fito Páez: «I was weird, very asexuated»

Fabiana Cantilo, in an interview with Juan Etchegoyen on Mitre Live, recalled her relationship with Fito Páez and told several details of what that romance was.» That relationship was tremendous. We fall in love like a swordsman from the castle who rescues the lady. A total delirium. Today we have a nice relationship but at that time it was a delusion,» the singer began. He said: «Now we have a very nice relationship with Fito. It used to be crazy, everything in an old house. We were fighting, we were friends. I painted the house, then I’d leave. He told me I made him compose some divine themes. I was late. She was very coming.»

Fabiana Cantilo and Fito Páez singing together

He also made it clear that Fito was not the most important love of his life: «It was a very nice style of love on his part but on my part he was upset. I loved him like I did. I was weird, very upset. Men want other things, I don’t know if I explain myself.» I couldn’t relate to love in couples. It connected me to jealousy and possession. That’s a plomazo. I’ve been alone and clean for seven years. If anyone comes, don’t bother. With Fito, I went crazy. All the mines were chasing him, and I wanted to kill them with a machine gun or a baseball bat. You can’t live like this,» he acknowledged.

Fabiana Cantilo and Fito Páez singing together

Finally he said, «I would define Fito with the word love. El Páez had some golden eggs. He doesn’t give me a ball now. But he’s just with his autobiography and he’s writing a part I’m involved in, so he called me and listened to me. I gave him data. ‘I can’t believe you’re listening to me,’ I said.’

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