translated from Spanish: Izkia Siches said that «there is no longer room for errors» and that the traceability strategy «has to work as a clock»

The president of the Medical College, Izkia Siches, referred to the traceability strategy that will be used in the country to deal with the pandemic. In fact, yesterday the Colmed resented its proposal to change the strategy of testing, traceability and isolation. In a conversation with T13, Siches stated that «we should have had it mounted since the beginning of the pandemic; Unfortunately, we focus a lot on critical beds, and this is the heart of the driving.» There are no more room for error, and it is the same reason that we need the Executive to take on the proposals we have shared. The traceability strategy has to work as a clock, but chances are we’re going to have re-openings and we think it’s the only altercation to achieve effective pandemic containment,» he said. Under these statements, he said that «there is good support» by the Executive to the proposal and stated that «I understand that the Ministry of Health has every willingness to move forward along that line, which is obviously requiring resources and also conviction not only of the Health portfolio, but also of the entire Government.» The helmsman of the Colmed further noted that «I want to be very clear: We as a College are going to be very critical of making a montage of traceability to the Chilean; the countries that have performed better have done so with very high standards and that is what our country should aspire to.» We are very concerned about the decrease in testing, because it is also part of this heart of the strategy.» If we don’t diagnose, obviously we’re not going to get very good results,» Siches concluded.

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