translated from Spanish: Manchester City ruined Liverpool festivities with a 4-0 goal

After celebrating Manchester City’s defeat to Chelsea, who ended up enshrining him as England’s champion with seven dates to play, Liverpool had to visit Pep Guardiola’s home as part of the remaining schedule and sought to maintain the streak to try to reach the record for points collected in the Premier League.However, the Spanish coach had something prepared by those of Jurgen Klopp, who while they could get up on the scoreboard with a header from Salah who hit the stick, found in the duo De Bruyne – Foden the key to keeping the game, in addition to the scorer contribution of Raheem Sterling.
The match began with the lead for Manchester City when the Belgian flyer scored on 1-0, following a foul generated by Sterling against Gomez. With the result and the dominance, at 34 he found the second with a great definition of the English striker, former Liverpool, and at the end of the stage, Foden, Guardiola’s young wonder, set the 3 to 0.Until that time, the result made a greater difference than the match showed, however in the add-on he managed to manage to stretch the difference in the game, to have the clearest chances of counting and with the figure of Bruyne. Still, it wasn’t until the 65th minute that he stretched the goal.

PEP I’m delighted. Congratulations to the team for beating the champions. We beat them 4-0. The occasions we have created, how we have defended… That’s three more points to help us. #MCFCEspañol — Manchester City (@ManCityES)
July 2, 2020

In a new counter-led by the Belgian midfielder, he put Sterling in a goal position and his definition was inaccurate in the face of Allison’s departure. Still, in his quest to pull it out, Chamberlain took the ball and sentenced the 4-0, which could have been five, s the VAR did not nullify Mahrez’s ass in the last of the game. In this way, Liverpool, already champion, is 20 points away from The City, while guardiola’s stretched their difference to 11 Leicester and with the concrete chance of securing a ticket to the next Champions League in the next few days.

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