translated from Spanish: Recommendations to prevent COVID-19 at the new quarantine stage

Following Alberto Fernández’s last announcement, since yesterday only the essential shops that were enabled in the first decree of social isolation, preventive and mandatory of March 20, in addition to banks, can operate.

What will also continue to work are the modalities of delivery and withdrawal of food in the gastronomic premises. In this way they hope to alleviate the economic impact on some shops. If you order:
Place orders to gastronomic premises enabled by the GCBA.
Prefer electronic means of payment, avoiding contact with banknotes and coins.
Avoid contact with the dealer.
Do not touch eyes, nose or mouth after receiving the order.
Discard containers or wrappers.
Wash your hands immediately with soap and water.
Disinfect the surface where the order was supported (with alcohol or lavandine).

General recommendations for prevention:
Sneeze or cough at the crease of the elbow to prevent the virus from being in your hands and burning contact surfaces in your home leaving traces of the virus.
Avoid touching your face with your hands without first washing you with soap and water or gel alcohol.
Wash your hands frequently, i.e. every 2 hours and also every time you

– go to the bathroom,- before and after eating,- when entering the street to your house or work,- after touching money, keys or animals,- after coughing or sneezing (if you used your hands)

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