translated from Spanish: Umbro announced that he will end colo Colo contract after allegation of «breaches»

The sports brand Umbro made known through a statement, the decision to terminate in advance its contract with Colo Colo. This, after Black and White denounced the company for repeated «breach of contract». In this regard, from the firm, they argued that «we strongly reject any allegation of Blanco y Negro S.A. in respect of serious and repeated breaches of contract. Moreover, as of the date of this notice, the general manager of Umbro Chile has not received any formal notification specifying any contractual infringement and requiring a prompt settlement, in the terms set forth in the contract.» It is not effective that Umbro Chile has indefinitely abandoned negotiations whose focus is on the regularization of payments owed to Blanco y Negro S.A. On the contrary, the negotiations referred to other issues,» they added. Umbro also detailed that «after the deadline for reaching full agreement without this occurring, Umbro Chile exercised its right to terminate the contract, which will therefore end on 31 December 2020». And with that, they concluded that «we will not allow the reputation of Comercial Depor Ltda to be engloded. nor the prestige of the Umbro brand, through unfounded and biased public accusations. We reserve the exercise of legal actions and/or rights associated with these conducts of Blanco y Negro S.A.».

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