translated from Spanish: What car do you have?

The world of smartphone apps is infinite and a new one always appears to test and use. In that ecosystem there is an app that improves the quality of photos that were pixelated or blurred. The Face Depixelizer app, created by Alex Damian, Sachit Menon and Denis Malimonov, does exactly what its name suggests. Users can upload a photo of a fully pixelated face and the algorithms are responsible for reconstructing that person’s supposed appearance. However, not everyone used it for such purposes. In addition to people, they dedicated themselves to rebuilding video game characters and in the last tests they transformed cars, which ended up having a face assigned by the application. Jason Torchinsky of the Jalopnik site made the algorithm dizzy by carrying vehicles. Deep down it makes some sense, as enthusiasts often compare the headlights with the eyes or grill with a person’s mouth.  What is your car’s expression on the app? On board which person are you driving? Here all the results:

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