translated from Spanish: A retiree who was assaulted and beaten with a hammer to her head died

A new case of insecurity in the western conurban area left the sorry murder of a 78-year-old woman, who was attacked at home and resisting theft, was hammered in the head that left her in agony for eight days, until her death was confirmed on July 2. Lucinda Palavecino, a retiree and great-great-grandmother is the victim of the story, which began on June 24, when the criminal identified as Diego Hernán Herrera approached her home while she waited for her son to steal the valuables of it. However, in the face of the struggle between the two, he struck her with the first thing he found at hand.

LUCINDA PASSED, THE ABUELA THAT WAS ATTACKED TO MARTILLAZOS IN FREEDOM Minutes ago, Grandmother Luci passed by the serious beatings she received by a criminal in the area. His family, friends and the whole neighborhood mourn his sad and unfair departure. JUSTICE FOR LUCI. — Merlo Real (@Merlo_Real)
July 1, 2020

The situation was warned by a man returning from work and saw the thief inside the house located on Falklands Street at 500, in Merlo, and in the face of screams and the presence of neighbors, he decided to approach, causing Herrera to flee from the back, although he was captured by the locals. On the other hand, the woman had to be admitted after having suffered an ACV and two cardiac arrests from the blows, which forced them to have an artificial respirator. However, Lucinda was unable to withstand the attack and his death was confirmed on July 2. On the other hand, Diego Hernán Herrera is in custody and must be prosecuted for a crime, but also has a series of robberies in four other Houses in Hurlingha, which could cause his grief to grow.

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