translated from Spanish: David Cortés takes advantage of coronavirus to campaign in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán. – The local member of the Michoacan Congress, David Cortés Mendoza, went from paying spectacular to make his image known, to taking advantage of the health crisis by Covid-19 to make pre-campaign, in times not electoreros.
The baker began an intense day of distributing pantries on the streets of Morelia, while being photographed in each installment and then pausing the publication on Facebook, an action that cost him a complaint to the Electoral Institute of Michoacán (IEM), by the Citizen Participation Committee of the State Anti-Corruption System (SEA).
Now, to the gates of households in the Capital of Michoacan, are pamphlets with recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, signed on behalf of the PAN legislator.
«It’s in our hands! Actions against COVID-19. Protocols coming home. Protocol to leave home,» the brochure reads clearly with the clear intention of proselytizing a couple of months after the electoral process begins.

On the denunciation of the SEA, the brother of the leader of the PAN at the national level, violates article 134 of the Constitution of Mexico, as well as the General Law on Social Communication, by allegedly misuse of public resources for personalized promotion.

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