translated from Spanish: Emerald Mitre: continue with symptoms and waiting for a new swab

Esmeralda Mitre was admitted in the last hours to the Otamendi Sanatorium, where she attended with a fever picture, a lot of body pain and discomfort in the throat, symptoms that may well be related to those acquired by a person when contracting the new coronavirus. That is why to rule out or confirm the diagnosis they proceeded to perform a chest and lung x-ray, and a swab that finally tested negative. «I’ll wait for the results. If I get negative, I have to stay 48 hours. more to make me a new one. If it’s negative too, I’ll be fine. It will then be another type of virus,» the actress in dialogue with Exioin had advanced.

«I was admitted last night because I have a fever and a lot of pain in my body for three days. Last night I didn’t give anymore, I called the doctors, they came and took me out of one,» she recalled about her coming to the clinic.

Mitre Emerald Photo: Instagram @esmeraldamitreok

Given the result of the swabing and the continuity of symptoms, his manager, Marcelo Villanueva, reported that doctors often repeat the evaluation and thus confirm or discard the painting. «They say that today they would do it again, what we don’t know is when it’s going to be, probably by Monday, because Saturday and Sundays it’s hard to be analyzed,» he anticipated. He’s still in a lot of body pain, he’s very falling and he’s still on symptoms. That’s why she’s not answering much either, she’s filtered. We have to wait, there is no other and otherwise it becomes this, particularly I will be even more concerned because we have to find a cause to all this,» he said.
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