translated from Spanish: Karla Rubilar after the death of Angela Jeria: “A wise and respectful woman who leaves a great legacy of unity”

Government spokes, Karla Rubilar, referred to the death of Michelle Bachelet’s mother, Angela Jeria, and dedicated emotional words to her through social media. Through his Twitter account, Rubilar posted an image that appears with the deceased. Next to the photo, the secretary of state stated that “on behalf of the Government of Chile we deeply mourn the passing of Ms. Angela Jeria, a wise and respectful woman who leaves a great legacy of union. We send our condolences to her daughter, former Pdta Michelle Bachelet and a lot of peace and comfort to her whole family at this difficult time.” Rubilar talked to the channel for 24 hours about the death of the former president’s mother and sent “condolences to her family, a deep sense of loss from Mrs. Angela Jeria. She had a very difficult, very hard life. But, nevertheless, where I went and was was always very unitary.” Loving, loving, attentive, I have the best impressions of her, always accompanying her daughter, President Bachelet. Always that image of Mrs. Angela behind the president in many pictures or next to it. I believe that none of us will be erased that endearing affection that our mothers have for our children, much reflected in Angela Jeria with Michel Bachelet,” he closed.

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