translated from Spanish: Larrivey and PCR exam on the U: «They sent a message that we were all negative»

Joaquín Larrivey, a striker at the University of Chile, reported that the entire blue draw roster came negative from coronavirus on PCR exams taken e-week. The argentine attacker said he spoke with La Cuarta who «sent a message to the whole group that we were negative, I think one day the response took a while.» Asked by the test, the former Celta de Vigo and Cerro Porteño pointed out that «it’s annoying, because they stick some cotton sticks up your nose, which seems to move your brain, it stings, you feel like sneezing. Luckily it lasts nothing, but you have an annoying feeling for a while.» Regarding the quarantine that has lived in the country, the player who arrived at the school cast in January this year stated that «we were settling in, putting together a routine as a family and this came. It’s complicated, but we really put ourselves in the place that we are aware of the privileges we have and there are people who really have a hard time.» Gualeguay also revealed that during his free time he holds online classes to become a future coach.» It’s one of the good things, because I’ve taken the juice out of the lockdown and advanced. A little over a year ago I do a coaching course at the school of (César Luis) Menotti, which allows professional footballers to pull out the cardboard remotely in an online system with exams and practical work,» he said. Menotti has been a great teacher in Argentina, the school is new, he has few years in what is teaching. I’m going to try to capture the game from some very important values, which I agree with, and I’ll try to capture if one day I’m going to be directed. Having teachers not only football, but life, with examples that give constantly, is a nice school. Even if you’re not going to be a coach because it’s a constant encyclopedia,» he added. Finally, consulted in case you have in mind a date to move from player to technical director, Larrivey stated that «not yet. Because that is being visualized over time. I feel in top shape, beyond these four months without kicking a ball, I feel at a great moment in my career, that I have learned a lot the last few years and that I have much to give, but I do not see an imminent withdrawal.»

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