translated from Spanish: Marcos Rojo ruled out an offer from Boca: «He called me Riquelme»

The arrival of Marcos Rojo to Estudiantes de La Plata was one of the great surprises of the pass market. Along with mascherano’s arrival a few months earlier, the chance of having another of the finalists of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil added the illusion of the fans, but football played him a bad run. On just six months on loan from Manchester United, the 30-year-old defender could only play one game, against Defence and Justice, and then tossed, leaving him off the court. When he was to return, the pandemic and suspension of football arrived, and from July 1 he belonged again to the English club.

Marcos Rojo rejected Boca and wanted to continue in Estudiantes. Photo: Twitter @EdelpOficial

However, in the middle a call from Boca came along and the offers continue to appear for a Red who recognized him and was clear with his feelings and decisions at this point in his career. «My idea was to stay in Argentina, I want to stay in Estudiantes. But something happened: they called me from Boca to see what I planned to do and at first he moved me»»He called me Roman (Riquelme) to me. I was excited, he’s an idol, my old man’s a Boca fan. I grew up seeing him. We talked and told him about the situation, we agreed to talk,» the player added in dialogue with Fox Sports. However, he rejected the idea: «Then I thought about it well and told him it was not time to take a step to Boca.» The people of Students who greeted me as an idol, opened the doors for me. I can’t go to Boca now having played a single game, he wouldn’t speak well of me. In the future you never know. Today I want to play in Estudiantes and if I continue, it will be here. But later you don’t know.  I don’t want to say ‘no, no, no’ and then do it because it would look bad,» he said.

On the other hand, the former Sporting of Lisbon referred to the photo that was leaked with boca’s shirt on and the 10th of Riquelme, which ended up incentivizing the contact. «It was before Riquelme’s call. He’s a player I love and my brother knew it. I use it for the chopped. I don’t have a problem. I have a thousand T-shirts from a thousand teammates. I even have Maxi Meza’s Gym shirt.» While still in Argentina, his future is uncertain. Manchester United has to reinstate it in its ranks, but it’s almost a fact that won’t stay there. Whether by sale or a loan, the player’s pass to get to Estudiantes doesn’t seduce much at Old Trafford, considering that the offers are higher, as is the exposure to a plant valued at $15 million.» I have to go back. I’m out of contract, and I have to start putting the way around. My intention is to stay until January, make the effort again. From the club they gave me the word that they’re going to try. There’s nothing said, but the club told me I’m going to have to introduce myself and train there,» he said.

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