translated from Spanish: Public notary Revoked Horacio Aguilar for gender-based violence

The government of the State of Mexico revoked on Friday Horacio Aguilar Alvarez de Alba de la Notaría 102 in the municipality of Naucalpan, for gender-based violence.
This, after May 27, a Twitter user posted a video watching the notary discuss and pull his wife, who asked witnesses to intervene and call the police.
According to authorities of the State of Mexico, the Department of Notaries of the Secretariat of Justice and Human Rights personally notified you of the revocation.
“With the evidence gathered, it was determined that it is administratively responsible for the conduct consisting of ineconduct, in breach of the obligations contained in the Law of notary of the State of Mexico to exercise the notarial function with probity, diligence, efficiency and impartiality, becoming a counselor to those who request their services and to be of honorable conduct,” the government said in a statement.
The Department of Noties, reported by the state government, will transfer all protocols generated by Notary 102 to the Notary Archive and follow up on pending cases.
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Notary was expelled from the Right of Law for harassment
Just a year ago, Horacio Aguilar stopped teaching at the School Free of Law in the face of allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against his students.
When the video of the assault on his wife was known, the institution issued a statement stating that he stopped teaching on January 30, 2019 and that he is willing to collaborate, where appropriate, with any requests made to him by the authorities. In this message, the President Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Arturo Zaldívar, also a former alumni and former prophesier of the Free of Law, questioned that for decades Aguilar was protected.
Every year, in the assessments students make of teachers, there were comments that he looked at the girls in a libidinous way and harassed the girls, according to Animal Politics, a source who asked for anonymity.
Complaints were repeated because in the corridors he waved kissing the students on the cheek and touching their ass. At least three complaints were formally filed at the school for these behaviors. The last one, because he asked a first-year-old student, that is, 18 years old, to move into the middle of all his classmates and act as if he were sweeping, but told her that this was not the case, he hit her in the back and took her arms to supposedly tell her how to do it.
This case prompted the student community to ask the School to create an anti-sexual harassment protocol and to draft a statement by the Assembly of Representatives, made up of group leaders.
Aguilar tried to intimidate students by taking their daughters to a class to tell them they owed them an apology for defaming their dad.
But eventually, the rectory asked him to resign, as the source recalled, although the case did not go to legal authorities.
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