translated from Spanish: Meet the kitten who stopped walking after a brutal dog attack

Sonora.- She knows the story of Minie, a small, strong kitten who after being attacked by a dog lost the mobility of her hind legs, until a noble man adopted her in search of healing her. The feline in question saw life for the first time in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, without imagining that weeks later she would be brutally attacked by a can, leaving it unable to move freely.
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Faced with terrible events, a young and noble graduate in nursing, named Javier Zazueta, decided to adopt her to save his life.
I adopted her to take care of her, but she wasn’t mine, she emphasized.

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She had a wound on her spine and I was healing her. It’s already closed, he said.

Photo: Capture

Despite the care the feline had no mobility in its hind legs, so its new owner understood that he needed to acquire a wheelchair, an instrument that exceeded his economic possibilities.

Photo: Capture

This didn’t stop him, it was just one more step he climbed in search of a better life for Minie; opted to make one at home. That’s how he looked for a design on the internet, got the necessary materials and managed to build it.

Photo: Capture

I made it there as I could, it’s not that complicated, said Javier Zazueta referring to the homemade wheelchair.

After having her ready in hand, she adapted her to her pet to practice with her, noting good progress over the days.
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Original source in Spanish

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