translated from Spanish: Link to trial alleged responsible for millionaire theft of stock van in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), obtained from a Control Judge binding to proceedings against Leobardo R., for its possible relationship in the theft of a securities transporter, committed on July 23 last year, on the Zacapu-Morelia highway.
On the day in which, the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in High Impact Crime Care, through the Unit Against The Theft of Transport, was informed about the theft of a van of values registered at the height of the town of Santa Fe de La Laguna, municipality of Quiroga, at which time a demonstration was taking place, a fact that gave rise to the respective Research Folder.

According to the research, the employees of the company were held and threatened to spray the unit with gasoline, then set them on fire, so that as they descended from it they were stripped of the armored vehicle in which they carried the amount of 17 million pesos.
Derived from intelligence work and field investigation it was possible to establish the possible participation of Leobardo R., in the crime, so the respective arrest warrant was requested before a Judge of Control which was completed on June 29.
At the hearing, Leobardo R., was presented to the authority that after assessing each of the evidence provided by the Prosecutor’s Office, resolved its link to prosecution for the crimes of theft, vehicle theft and deprivation of liberty; in addition to setting up informal pre-trial detention and setting a three-month time limit for the closure of the investigation.

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