translated from Spanish: The Golden Trillizas turn 60

The Fernández Rousse triplets, born on July 5, 1960 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Floresta, are on their birthday. Although it does not seem exceptional today, its birth was raging in Argentina, as they were the first naturally born triplets. Their artistic careers began very, very early: at the age of four they were already starring in commercials and, at eight, they made their television debut in the program directed by Pipo Manciera called Circular Saturdays.

The triplets on circular Saturdays.

As actresses, they participated with Palito Ortega and Carlitos Balá in the film Uncle Disparate. On the Colombia-Argentina flight, Palito Ortega recommended them to Julio Iglesias, a Spanish singer who was also on the plane. Thus, they began to travel with him as choruses for two years, which gave them international fame and agendas completely full of special events.

The trilyzes next to Julio Iglesias.

At the television level, currently, all three participate in the program Mañanas ours, by Canal KZO, together with Pato Galván and Fernando Prensa.

Known in Europe as the Trix, acclaimed in Argentina for their performances and having marked a before and after in the history of the country, the Golden Trillizas celebrate 60 years in full quarantine, time they take to spend it with their family and encourage others to endure this situation.Happy birthday, Trillizas!

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