translated from Spanish: Briones reiterated that government considers “bad idea” 10% withdrawal and asked MPs to “lower the wedge of the effective popular measure”

In the committee that reviews the project that would allow 10% of the planned funds to be withdrawn, as a measure to deal with the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, reiterated La Moneda’s opposition to the project and confronted the opposition parliamentarians.
As Emol reported, the Treasury holder reiterated that the government considers it a “bad idea” and said that “there has been talk of middle-class people who have $100 million their (planned savings) accounts. I invite you to review the statistics to realize that that is 1% of the contributors on average. I ask them, is that the middle class?”
Briones further stated that, in his view, no intervention in favour of the project details the universe of people who would benefit from the measure and stated that “I find it valuable that there is consensus in this committee that it is regressive to bury any withdrawal refund with a recognition bonus. It would be valuable if that were public and endorsed by you, because it is one of the positions that is in the debate.”
The finance minister also employed the parliamentarians and said that “the wedge of the effective popular measure that can have a lot of support in the polls must be lowered, but behind it underlies a very complex and profound debate that must be thoughtful and based on the best comparative evidence and ours.”

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