translated from Spanish: Complaint scams with IFE in Cordoba for 700 thousand pesos

The modality is usual, the victim receives a phone call with the good news that he had been favored with the collection of the IFE (Emergency Family Income). For which you are asked for the corresponding account data, then proceed to empty it. In Villa María, two neighbors reported that they were ripped off by this «new fashion» for which in total they would have lost about 700 thousand pesos. According to police reported, last Friday a neighbor of the town of Arias, Villa Maria, reported around noon received a call to his cell phone in which a person claimed to be «from the Ministry of Health», and who had benefited to collect the bonus of 10,000 pesos. Following this, they asked if he had any bank accounts, or that of any family member, in order to make the corresponding deposit. The neighbor offered his father’s account, and went on to go to the Banco Nación branch, to be guided by the fraudster, via telephone, which led him to enter data that led him to transfer the total 519,000 thousand pesos to the criminals’ account. And so to realize the crime. A fact with the same modus operandi, was reported, in Isla Verde, where this time they managed to subtract from an account the sum of 178,000 thousand pesos. Following multiple cases, at least 156 have already been registered, Anses enabled a reporting channel on its official website to report cases. From the agency they issued a list as a reminder to prevent future scams: 
All procedures are free and do not require the intervention of managers or intermediaries.
No sum of money must be paid to access the benefit.
ANSES does not request by phone either by WhatsApp personal data from bank accounts, or keys of any kind, in any case.
It should not be delivered to third parties: Social Security Key, original ID or photocopy or any type of data.
The beneficiary must verify that the personal information uploaded to the ANSES MI account is correct.
Banks must not make any discounts on the IFE.

To make the corresponding report, click here

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