translated from Spanish: Nahir Galarza enrolled in a course taught by Rodolfo Palacios, author of «The Black Angel»

On 3 July 2018, Nahir Galarza was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering her then-boyfriend, Fernando Pastorizzo, from behind and with her father’s regulatory weapon. For her crime she became the youngest woman in Argentina declared to spend those years behind bars.

For this reason, his life became of remarkable public focus. A group of followers is even responsible for updating the news of the young woman’s stay in prison, through a social media account. Galarza has been unable to see his family for more than a hundred days due to confinement by the outbreak of COVID-19. And it was during the isolation that he began to assemble bracelets that his mother sells; the money raised goes to social organizations and affected by the coronavirus.

Nahir Galarza

Two years after her conviction, the young woman acquired various habits, activities and the desire to write her own book but did not mention her case. In addition to the solidarity venture, she told Rodolfo Palacios for Infobae, who began reading Argentine police stories and watching films of the same genre, which led her to know and be captivated by the story of Carlos Robledo Puch, «El Angel».

«I don’t want to stagnate in those horrible days,» he said. He stopped studying law to go to Psychology, what he considers, his vocation, and decided to enroll in the course «How to tell the stories that touch us. The writing as risk, commitment and adventure» dictated by Juan Mendoza and the journalist Palacios, author not only of El Angel Negro, but of No weapons or grudges – dedicated to the Robbery to Banco Rio of the year 2006 -, The Puccio clan -on the crimes of the family- and Conchita: Ricardo Barreda, the man who did not love women – dentist who murdered his wife , mother-in-law and daughters.

Nahir Galarza

However, the criminal authorities refused him permission to take the workshop.  «Every time she does something productive, they cut it off. There is a harassment because when something positive comes out of it in the media, they punish it, requisition it or instead of incentivizing it, they seek everything with it. Luckily, she does not lower her arms,» Claudio Berón, one of his lawyers from Galarza.Lorenzo «Toto» Ferro, protagonist of the film that adapts the life of Robledo Puch, will be present in the workshop that he said transcended, has the participation of Luis Mario Vitette Sellanes, one of the protagonists of the so-called «Robo of the Century».
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