translated from Spanish: Buljubasich: «It’s a must to retrain to play on July 31»

The sports manager of Cruzados SADP, José María Buljubasich, referred to the stage that lives the national football, stopped since mid-March by the coronavirus pandemic in the country, noting that it is necessary to return to face-to-face training. The ANFP is driving as a return-to-business date on July 31, although it was open to defering the return by August 15, bearing in mind that not all teams have returned to on-court practice. Against this background, the ‘Tati’ told The Third that «we have to do everything, within what the health authorities allow, to train as soon as possible. Football is not like a restoran, it cannot open overnight.» You have to train before, there have to be protocols ready to be applied. It is a must to retrain to play on July 31. The sustainability of clubs depends on the competition. Players are working and part of the job is to play. That’s where clubs get more money,» he added. In addition, the leader of the cast of the strip stated that «it is necessary for the industry to do so as soon as possible. It also takes a sufficient training period so that players can play calmly and not injure themselves.» Finally, the new goalkeeper commented on what his experience has been as a UC sports manager, serving ten years in office.» There’s a big credit for a directory that trusted someone who was working, at times when things didn’t go the way we wanted them to. He remained convinced in what he was doing. Getting to these 10 years depended a lot on the conviction of the board,» he said. I’m very happy and happy in office. I’ve grown up. There’s so much more to grow and do. I agree and look like a manager many more years. I hope you can,» he said.

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