translated from Spanish: Dog infuriates because its owner makes “cariñitos” a stuffed animal (VIDEO)

Pets, especially dogs, are the best company a human could have; they are faithful friends who usually stand by you no matter whether you sometimes neglect them or don’t treat them so well. They also defend you from threats and some even celebrate you when there are other pets in the place, such is the case of the puppy who stars in a popular video uploaded to the Tik Tok platform.
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According to the opinion of netizens, the material lasting just 14 seconds grew in popularity for its “funny” and “cute” content. In the images you can see a woman’s hand caressing a stuffed animal, while telling her affections.
Little boy, oh my love, my life, who loves you? Heart, exclaim with “voice of affection.”

You may be interested: Lightning strikes 16-year-old footballer while training (VIDEO)While this happens, the little can stares until he throws himself towards the doll, bites it and takes him away. The footage ends with the dog biting the stuffed animal, with the song “Estos jealous” by Vicente Fernández.

The video below: 

Original source in Spanish

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