translated from Spanish: Here are the seven local films that will compete in the next online edition of Sanfic

Vegetable journey

This documentary, which is one of the five works that will make its world premiere in Sanfic, tells the story of a very particular couple of healers of the Shipibo Conibo ethnic group, who live on the side of the Ucayali River, in the Peruvian Amazon. Both work side by side in the various household labors, which multiply at certain times of the year when their home is transformed into a small natural medicine center. Together with his large family they receive adventurers from all over the world in search of healing, self-knowledge and psychedelic experiences. This remote jungle and its people introduce the visitor through the mysterious world of master plants. The story is told in 83 minutes and is directed by Antonio Fernández, who already presented at sanfic 2006.


From the filmmaker Christian Díaz Pardo, born in Chile but based in Mexico since 2001, this drama tells the story of Valentina, a Chilean journalist who has been investigating human rights cases that occurred in dictatorship and who finds her father, Mario, in Mexico City, after many years without seeing him. Valentina discovers a connection between her past, her father and this country. The meeting will have terrible consequences for both of us.
The film, which features the performance of Natalia and Ernesto Benvenuto, is one of two works that will have its national premiere, after having already been shown in the recent editions of the Havana International Film Festival and the UNAM International Film Festival, FICUNAM, of Mexico.


With the performance of Manuela Martelli, Esteban Menis, Rosario Varela, Sebastián Brahm and Alejandro Goic, this film by the Argentine Manuel Ferrari tells the story of when Ignacio embarks on a journey driven by the chances that gather the news that his young girlfriend is pregnant and they make an invitation to a seminary in Chile almost simultaneously. The trip makes him connect with a city that catches him and make him hesitate to stay or return to his normal life in Buenos Aires full of responsibilities that are to come. The film lasts 88 minutes and has already been shown at the Mar del Plata (Argentina) and Miami (United States) festivals. The film can participate in the Chilean film category, as it is located in the country.

Is there anything instead of nothing?

A group of friends embarks on the search for Friendship, a mysterious island located in southern Chile, supposedly inhabited by extraterrestrial beings with great technological advances.
Through their search, their stories will intersect with those who communicated with the island decades ago. The play, which will also have its world premiere at Sanfic 2020, is directed by Peter McPhee, who has served as director, producer and film montagist. He has also made works of fiction and documentary in film and television.
The story lasts 91 minutes and bets to be one of the winners of the category of the Chilean Film Competition. Learn more at


To the rhythm of rap, Martin and Charly spend their time doing their rap music, but everything changes when on a dark night they find a loaded weapon on the banks of a hill, while Sol loses his dog. Although seemingly dissatisfied, these stories are intimately linked, forming the portrait of young Chileans in their difficult passage into adulthood. The film lasts 101 minutes and is directed by Luis Alejandro Pérez.

The women in my house

In 77 minutes, the director Valentina Reyes tells the story of a family composed of three generations of women who live together in a house in Auñoa, in Santiago. However, everything changes when, while they have the house for sale, the eldest of the family suffers from Alzheimer’s and ends up transforming them all. Grimanesa Jiménez, Trinidad González and Bernardita Nassar performed in the film.

Onkel Gonter

This documentary shows a Chilean family descended from Germans facing a painful episode that occurred during World War II. The silence relents when one of its members moves to Berlin and begins to investigate the disappearance of his grandfather’s twin brother, who was a pilot in the German army. The work is directed by Juan Francisco Riumalló.


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