translated from Spanish: «I don’t need everything I’ve got»: The reflection «Don Francisco» did when talking about his quarantine

During a conversation with the morning «Hello Chile», the driver, Mario Kreutzberger, referred to the three months he has been quarantined due to the pandemic where he stated that «I don’t need everything I have». The TV animator stated that «it’s hard to stay in three, four pieces for a hundred days. Meet the lady in the only hallway in the house, go a hundred days without putting on shoes. Well, there are so many things that change, inventing a daily routine to be ever present.» I’ve had at least 60 days to think and I think I should get out of here differently, a new Don Francisco,» he added. In addition, Kreutzberger stated that «everything I have experienced was left behind about this. I’ve experienced a lot of dramatic things, I’ve been in wars, in earthquakes, in floods, I’ve seen tremendous tragedies, and I never thought this could happen.» This week we had a conversation at my house (via Zoom) to ask young people, my children and daughters-in-law, and I realized that each generation sees it differently. My grandchildren, for them, it’s a moment that’s going to happen and everything’s going to stay the same. My children are concerned about the economy, the famine, some services that are going to be very affected, but in my generation, when there is little thread left in the wheelbarrow, one sees it differently. He sees it much more traumatic. Because just as I’ve felt that I’ve changed in these hundred days, I think humanity is going to change too,» he said. The communicator also reflected that «I realize that I have a lot of things left over, that I don’t need them, that I thought them very important, but there’s a hit like this and I don’t need everything around me. I need a lot less. Consumerism is probably going to be a little different.» When asked about the withdrawal of 10% of AFPs funds, Kreutzberger indicated that I do not have the ability to know what is best or worse. I was saying that if people, from a certain age up there, could withdraw a percentage of their own, I think that AFPs should also put a percentage of this (…) the ones who have the most, the ones who know the most, now have to give to those who have less, can and less know.» Here you have to stand in solidarity, because no one was prepared for this,» he concluded.

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