translated from Spanish: Minister Paris for controversial photo of Raúl Guzmán in a restaurant: “Nobody is free to comply with health standards”

“No one in Chile is free to comply with health standards.” This is how Health Minister Enrique Paris referred to the controversial photograph of Senate Secretary Raúl Guzmán, in which he is seen alongside two other people in a restaurant in San Miguel in the middle of covid-19 quarantine, without mask or social estrangement.
Consulted on this topic in the daily report to publicize the number of victims and deaths by covid-19 in the last 24 hours, Paris noted that “no one is free in Chile from complying with health standards and I believe that Mr. Guzmán belongs to an institution of the State of Chile that is independent of the Executive Branch and the powers here are separated”.
“I deeply respect parliament and hope that the President of the Senate will answer that question,” he added.
“We look forward to more information and reiterate the call to comply with health measures, of which obviously no one is free.”
However, the Secretary of State took the opportunity to “congratulate the people who do the opposite, that is, it complies with the measures, complies with the health measures, complies with the use of the mask, does not come out when there is a curfew and obviously those people who make that sacrifice are the ones that have allowed us to show, obtain, the figures that we have obtained today”.
It is worth narrowing that during this day, the South Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office reported the opening of an investigation to investigate an eventual health crime of the secretary of the Senate.
The event occurred last June 25 at the Loyola restaurant, as reported by the Radio Bío Bío Research Unit. Guzman appears accompanied by two other people. One of them is Roberto Contreras exfiscal oriente and current advisor to the Southern Public Prosecutor’s Office. The other companion could not be identified.

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