translated from Spanish: The best Gomita videos in Tik Tok

Gummies has become the feeling of Tik Tok and is that its popularity is ravaging proof of this it is its more than two million followers who have witnessed all the famous challenges he has made during quarantine, so here we will show you some of them. One of the most popular challenges of the driver are those she has done with her parents, who have set to dance to the rhythm of the music with the most popular songs of Tik Tok, so Aracely Ordaz real name of the famous, has made it clear that her parents are very modern after all.
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In another video she can be seen dancing but to the rhythm of her friends with whom she took her best steps of reguetón género favorite of Gomita after the band, so her fans congratulated her for the talent she has and is that since she was in Sabadazo she always looked on the show when the artists attended , as she danced spectacularly, so it would be one of the reasons why her colleagues at the time would be upset with her.

The comedy is also present in The Gomita account, as she has made several videos where she imitates the popular voices that Tik Tok has, mostly of drunken characters, with whom the actress also brings out her more spicy side with which she makes her fans laugh, who ask the beautiful woman for more videos of that kind.

His popularity
Let us remember that Gomita rose to fame after leaving the Sabadazo program and although part of it has also been for some controversies she has managed to lead a firm career, because she has taken advantage of it.

YouTube has been a great platform for Gomita, as it has become even more popular to make her family more popular, so they have also opened their own YouTube channels.

«Hello gummies I am fan number one of yours also in I am Fredy and of the pencil saludo me to the pool», «How beautiful you look without so much production Osea, at the end of the day it is different», they write to Gomita.
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Original source in Spanish

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