translated from Spanish: They identify Alfonso Rodriguez, one of Ayotzinapa’s 43 normalists

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) confirmed the identification of Christian Alfonso Rodríguez Telumbre, one of the 43 normalists in the Ayotzinapa case, victims of enforced disappearance in September 2014.
At a press conference, the head of the FGR’s Ayotzinapa Unit, Omar Gómez Trejo, said that the student’s identification was made by the Institute of the University of Innsbruck in Austria, after finding evidence of new research initiated with the current administration.
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He stated that these remains were not found in the dumpster of Cocula, Guerrero, or the San Juan River, as the first official investigation of the Ayotzinapa case referred to.
«This is certainly a major development in the research. More than five years after the fact, a human remains belonging to one of the victims have been identified. This, moreover, was not thrown or found in the Garbage of Cocula, nor in the San Juan River, as and in accordance with the version that, publicly and judicially, the previous administration… this is a new identification that breaks with the narrative of a lie that closes more chances of searching and finding. Today to families and society we tell them that the right to truth will prevail, the search for their children will continue and we will guarantee the right to justice,» said the official, who said that more remains will be sent to Innsbruck.

#FGR has been active in appealing to society’s cooperation in clarifying the case. In this task, the President @lopezobrador_ who has repeatedly called on society to collaborate on this task has been joined.
— FGR Mexico (@FGRMexico) July 7, 2020

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According to the Special Unit, between November 21 and 29, 2019 a search action was carried out at a point located in the municipality of Cocula, Guerrero, known as «Barranca de la Carnicería», a place that is located more than 800 meters from where the so-called «historical truth» of the last administration was created.
At the scene, the authorities said they had recovered 15 evidence, which was packed on site for processing in the presence of the representatives of the families and the Presidential Commission itself, and subsequently analysed whether they were conducive to genetic analysis.
Of the 15 remains, six were chosen by authorities and members of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team to send to the Institute of Genetics at the University of Innsbruck in Vienna, which reported that he would have the results in between three and five months.
«On June 19, 2020, the University of Innsbruck informed the Unit in my charge and the Argentine Team that, after carrying out the respective analyses of the bone pieces sent, one of them corresponds to the student Christian Alfonso Rodríguez Telumbre, one of the young normalists who disappeared on September 26, 2014,» Gómez Trejo said in the media message.
The head of the special unit said that the results were also analyzed by the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, which completed its review on July 4 and coincided with the results, which correspond to a «lower limb».

He also said he moved on July 5 to Tixtla, Guerrero, to notify Christian Alfonso’s family of the results
«A few moments ago I attended the meeting of the Presidential Commission to make the same information known. I would like to stress that we have been extremely careful in the way we inform and temper the effects of re-victimization at the time of giving this kind of news,» he said.
He said that during this visit, the organizations representing the families, undersecretary Alejandro Encinas, of the Ayotzinapa Presidential Commission were supported; Mercedes Doretti of the EEAF.
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We will not invent new historical truth in case Ayotzinapa: Encinas
The identification of student Cristian «marks the beginning of a new route in research, has not only brought down historical truth,» according to Undersecretary for Human Rights, Alejandro Encinas.
«It has been announced that other findings have been made on a nearby perimeter and have been sent to Insbruck,» he explained, at a press conference held at the Government Secretariat after participating in the Commission meeting on Ayotzinapa.
«Insist that we will be supporting all the jobs that diligently and he said, after highlighting the work of the FGR, the Argentine Forensic Team, IACHR, the UN High Commissioner and an international expert group.
«I support the commitment for all institutions to help with the Prosecutor’s Office to find the truth of the facts and punish those responsible, both materials and those who created a truth that did not exist,» he said.

The sub-secretary recalled that he had recently stated that «the only truth in the Ayotzinapa case is that there was no truth.» However, with this finding, «a route is opened.» He said the inquiries are supported by evidence and testimonies. «We’re not just going to continue the route but continue the commitment that we’re not going to invent a new historical truth,» he said.
The Ayotzinapa case cannot be detached from the thousands of missing persons across the country, more than 61,000 according to data from the National Search Commission.
Encinas called for «breaking the pact of impunity and silence» and stressed that it «has begun to bear fruit.» He also reaffirmed the «commitment to punish those responsible. The truth is painful, but as painful as it is, we will always fulfill our responsibility without deceiving or creating false expectations,» he said.
This Friday, July 10, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will meet in the palace with the families from 43 to 10 a.m.
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