translated from Spanish: Video 30 years after Italy’s painful ’90s final, the World Cup Eternal

Can anything not been said about Italy ’90 be said? Will there be any other stories kept by the protagonists? At the moment we don’t know, but what we’re sure of is that, generation after generation, what happened that month was something unrepeatable and that little compares to other world cups, even to Mexico ’86.The best world for Argentines was the «worst» in the world since football, some say. Defeat in the opening match, knocking round pass, sticks and miracle against Brazil, the penalties with Yugoslavia, the same fate and final against the home, in a match that squandered epic anywhere and the pain of injustice against Germany.

Diego v Italy, Diego against all. Thus it was summed up from minute one to the last and the penalty scored by Brehme and so did the Argentines, who would never imagine that after that tournament we would have to wait 24 years to return to the final of the World Cup.Now, all the nostalgics will have their new moment of remembrance. July 8th marks 30 years since «Un’ Estate Italiana» last played in the speakers of Italy’s crowded stadiums, to the rhythm of the unforgettable chorus that in Argentina cannot be sung without shouting: «NOTI MAGICHE». So was Italy 90 and so we will tell you in this new edition of Filo.explains, where Lalo Mir reviews the best, the worst, the epic, the painful, the miraculous and everything that was experienced in a new football party, where Germany ended up staying with the glory, but we with the feeling.

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