translated from Spanish: Wave of robberies in Quilmes: in two weeks robbed 8 restaurants

In the last 15 days, the Plaza Conesa area, located between Colón, Conesa, Lavalle and Moreno streets, recorded 8 thefts in gastronomic shops, including grills, bars, breweries and cafes. While quarantine forces them to work behind closed doors, these premises work with delivery and on-site food removal. Some affected traders talked to and said they were already prepared for this situation because of «lack of security on the streets» and decided to leave their security cameras on. That’s how the robberies were recorded.
They also explained that because of the economic situation that businesses face today, it is very sad for them to see these events happen.» On Sunday around 8 a.m., a man broke my place’s window and came in. He spent four minutes, tried to start an air and because he couldn’t and he didn’t find money either, he took a television that was hung,» said Facundo Godoy, owner of the El Gaucho grid, and assured that he has already made the corresponding complaint.» I get a lot of outrage this, you keep working and betting that everything will improve despite all this situation and then these things happen. There’s no security and they keep stealing like it’s a job, I’m really outraged,» he added.  
A well-known café in the area was also the victim of theft in the area. «A man broke the glass door of the premises and tore off all the cameras. We were robbed of all the breakfasts we had prepared for Father’s Day, the silver from the box, the balance and a lot of merchandise,» explained the shop manager, Ayelén Cardozo Tribaldi.In turn, he added that it generated a lot of «bronca and sadness» to go through this situation. «We work and we are trying to get ahead in spite of all this and the truth is unfortunate this is happening,» she said.

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