translated from Spanish: Company creates smart sketch covers that stays sanitized for more than a month

The COMPANY LEAF, created a transparent and non-fogging head cover, in addition to being sterilized for more than a month.
This mouth cover not only has an innovative design, but also has the most powerful filtration capacity that exists, having an N99 certification, which is the highest standard for this type of product.
It is made from surgical materials that ensure its efficiency, as well as its safety, but also with the promise of being an item that is not immediately disposable, but has a much longer lifespan.
In addition, it has a UV-C light mechanism with which it self-sterilizes for about a month without any maintenance, besides that thanks to it is transparent, it allows you to get on with your life without impacting (both) your appearance (if that worries you in the middle of a pandemic).
According to the developers, the one that is transparent fulfills a very operational function, which is to not have to remove the cover to, for example, make use of facial recognition on your electronic devices or for similar tasks, which require your face to be visible.
Finally, this N99 grade mouth cover also features the integration of an App, with which you can monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood, the quality of the air being breathed, the amount of dust in the environment and measurement of biometric signals.

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