translated from Spanish: «El Piojo» Herrera exploits and breaks health rules in Pumas-America

CDMX.- The Mexican coach of Club América, Miguel «El Piojo» Herrera was involved in a controversy during the second match of the GNP Cup in Mexico, where his anger exploded and caused a lot of criticism on the part of the social media. During the match between coapa and the Pumas of the Universidad Autónoma de México, DT lost control after considering that the central whistler did not evenly score for both teams.
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In the encounter was also involved Enrique Sanz, physical trainer of the Auriazul ensemble, who clashed with Herrera regardless of the measures of healthy distance, this, until the fourth referee intervened.
The anger was so much that he didn’t remember staying away from other people, let alone using the head cap.
All of the above caused the former mexican national team sufferer a shower of criticism from social media users, mainly from the Twitter platform, where «Miguel Herrera» became a trend for his bad attitude.

Miguel Herrera is the example of Mexicans who do not respect the rules or the health of others. Only use the mouth cover when there is no authority nearby and does not respect the healthy distance. ♂️ ♂️ ♂️ ♂️ — Geremy (@elGeremy_)
July 8, 2020

On the other hand, a sector of public opinion still remains true to the work of Miguel Herrera and defended his lack of masking.

I don’t know why Miguel Herrera uses the sketch cover or not, no one has criticized the technicians in Europe because they don’t and there’s a reason: «Both players and coaching staff should use the sketch cover, as long as they are SEATed in the BANK during the match.» — Toño Quiroga (@TonoQuiroga)
July 8, 2020

Several netizens besides the «bronca» also accused the Eagles «have no style of play», so they asked for the departure of «The Lice». You might be interested: Lorena Herrera recalls her beginnings on television with Raúl VelascoUn «boring» zero for zero was the final result of a match marked more by discussions and rivalry than by good football.

Original source in Spanish

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