translated from Spanish: Florence Otero and Germán Tripel star in this proposal for quarantine

Florence Otero and Germán Tripel premiere together «The Magic of Quarantine», one of the three audiovisual proposals that arrive this Thursday, July 9 from 20 hours in Live Microteatro. The artists, who together form several projects, such as their band Florwetrip, and their family, both parents of Nina, disembark with a recommended setting for all audiences. Faced with this complex current panorama, art not only arrives as a form of accompaniment for workers at this difficult time but becomes an essential accompaniment to transit isolation.

That is why week after week, the public is invited to participate in unpublished audiovisuals, thought out, developed and created especially in the framework of these times that we have to live, framed in the theme #PorLaCuarentena.
This Thursday come to Microteatro «Our Fifteen Minutes» (+13) work written, directed and starring Julieta Otero with Fernando Locatelli; «Don’t Understand It» written and directed by Nicolás Condito, and performed by Sebastián «Berta» Muñiz, Jesi Gonzalez Ajón and Brenda Lem; and «The Magic of Quarantine», represented by Florence Otero and Germán Tripel, directed by Diego Sebastián Oria and scita by Fabrizio Origlio.These proposals will be available for two weeks, on the Live Microteatro website and on the Culture at Home site of the City’s Ministry of Culture. They can also be found permanently on Microteatro platforms: Instagram and YouTube.Proposals that remain available

«What do I have to squeeze?»  (ATP)

Written and directed by: Martín GoldberActúan: Mayra Homar, Francisco González Gil and Martín Goldber
Written and directed by: Maxi SarramoneActon: Maxi Sarramone and Leticia Torres
Realization: Juan Zuluaga BolívarCritulation by: Paula RansenbergActs: Paula Ransenberg
In this note:

Florence Otero
Germán Tripel

Original source in Spanish

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