translated from Spanish: Juliet Diaz: «Everyone watching fictions and we don’t charge»

With the outbreak of COVID-19, not only the curtains were lowered but the cameras stopped, the recording studios were interrupted and the crisis in the entertainment industry increased. Unable to work, many are heavily affected, mainly those who perform behind the scenes and scenarios. And in this context, many TELEVISION channels bet on the broadcast of foreign strips rather than repeating chapters of domestic series or films. So far, the return of «Argentina: Land of Love and Revenge» is the exception, although it would only be temporary to prepare for the landing of new programs on screen.

It was in this context that actress Julieta Díaz, reflected: «Fiction is a difficult subject regarding what air television would be. Because it also happens that with platforms the way we watch TV changed and I think that complicates a little bit how we settle in.» Talking to journalist Juan Etchegoyen on Mitre Live, the protagonist of Argentine fictionals such as «Little Victoria», and who recently came to the stream with «Casi Feliz», analyses the current and complex phenomenon for actors and industry.

Julieta Diaz Photo: Instagram @julietadiaz77

«There needs to be more fiction. We’re getting less and less fiction. We had four novels per channel and now we have less and less. It’s meant by changing the way you watch TV. More series will need to be made to pass on the platforms. The point is that platforms are not paying the acters’ performers’ rights,» he said. The pandemic is all watching fictions and we don’t charge. Except SAGAI that if you are collecting from air channels, from hotels, and regulate that right of platforms. It’s very unfair and very complicated. Now there are a lot of platforms where people watch movies but that at the end of the month are paid to producers but do not pay rights that are won by law and that kills us,» he said.

Empathetic to the reality of her peers, Diaz continued: «I am really concerned about colleagues in that situation. Art teams have actors but there’s also the technical part. It’s hard. Now came a very important culture help that made me happy. I think it’s going to make a big relief. We’re all trying to invent ways for one or to help the other.» Luckily he started looking at the artistic side a little bit. Because we didn’t know what was going to happen. Repeating the fitions is very important. It’s the same thing the radio is doing with the musicians. Let the radio pass national music and national television fiction. It’s a big move and I hope everyone can implement it. And for the theater, let alone. It’s the hardest part. We’re going to start putting together protocols so people can go to the theater and have the life we’ve always had in a little bit,» he said.
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