translated from Spanish: Sanna Law: Extend permission for parents to care for children with cancer

For 90 days, permission was extended for working parents to care for their children who have cancer or have been transplanted from a solid body, under the Law on Accompanying Insurance for Children (SANNA Act), as reported by the Seremi del Labor and Social Welfare of the Metropolitan Region, Denisse Madrid.La law allows working mothers , or whoever takes personal care of a minor granted by court decision, may be absent from work to pay attention, care and accompaniment to him or the affected minor. At the request of the Ministry of Labour, the Superintendency of Social Security (Suseso) agreed to extend the benefit, in the face of the health situation generated by the coronavirus.» We know that they are complex realities and delicate moments, so the extension comes to help parents who have a son or daughter with this disease, because they let us know the difficulty they have had in recent months due to the pandemic. They need greater protection and shelter, which is guaranteed to be taken into the care of their parents or the person who has their guardianship,» said the seremi Madrid.Each child will only be entitled to an extension of 90 days for each of the contingencies covered, which means that only one parent, or the third, if applicable , you can make use of the extension of days. The extension of the permit is an exceptional and transitional measure, which does not report tax expenditure and that the resources existing in the SANNA Fund, allow to cover the extent of the benefit.

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