translated from Spanish: Double moral sins the Local Congress of Michoacán, before exhortation of LGBT visibility

Morelia, Michoacán. – Members of the LXXIV Legislature, showed their double standards before a point of agreement to exhort state and municipal governments, establish actions of visibility and respect without depending on their origin, religion, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.
The proposal was read by its presenter The Deputy Zenaida Salvador Brígido, who recalled in virtual session that, on July 02 was published by media, the homophobic position of the Regional Prosecutor of Morelia, Isabel Maldonado Sánchez, because through her social networks she gave a hate speech against the LGBT+ community.
Morena’s lawmaker called the civil servant’s positions “insidious and intolerant.”

“The responsibility that we as officials in the service of citizenship, must go beyond our intolerance to certain personal decisions that do not violate the collective in general (…) Actions such as those carried out by the civil servant in commentary, who without asking for her role as a member of an autonomous body such as the State Attorney General’s Office, takes public stances on her position on the LGBT+ community and are also insidious positions,” the explanatory statement mentions.

Despite the intentions of the Member to ensure that governments, as far as their powers, seek to establish actions of visibility and respect for all citizens regardless of their sexual preference, the point of agreement was rejected as urgent and obvious resolution, with 14 votes against, 13 in favour and one abstention.
There were even several deputies who rectified their vote to go against the exhortation of the morenista, such was the case of Ernesto Núñez, Gabriela Ceballos Hernández, María del Refugio Cabrera, Eduardo Orihuela Estefan and Yarabí Avila González.
Michoacan lawmakers have repeatedly stated that they are in the interests of the rights of all the inhabitants of the state, and generate speeches with which they demand to guarantee respect for citizens, however on this occasion, they showed their double discourse and double standards, in the face of a call to the authorities, for an evidently discriminatory action by a civil servant.

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