translated from Spanish: Gianina Maradona: “When do you think you no longer? Well, yes.”

In the last few hours he circulated a document signed by Maradona, in which he asks that 14 facts of his life be narrated, in the biopic “Dream Blessed” which would speak of alleged maneuvers, infidelities, and betrayals of his ex-wife, and mother of Dalma Y Gianina, towards the footballer. Close to the Villagers, they said: “Claudia is devastated, she is not sought to cry”. Upon learning on television of the document her ex-husband had signed making such claims. That’s why it will initiate legal action and try to keep the series from airing. Let us remember that not only does Diego speak ill of her and her daughters but also that she shows that she was introduced to the world of drugs, by Villafañe’s father. 
In the face of all this, and unable to give credence to her father’s entangledness with his ex-wife, Gianinna, the youngest of Claudia’s daughters, went bankrupt to her mother. Responding to the tweet published by Jorge Rial. and with an instagram story that said, “When you think you don’t anymore? 

Gianinna Post ? Photo: Instagram

Wow. It’s science fiction????
I trust the file that endorses my mom. I trust you, look for material. And I trust in MI, in my eternal unconditional patience of my surname Villafañe. ♥️ — Gianinna Maradona (@gianmaradona)
July 9, 2020

Original source in Spanish

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