translated from Spanish: He threw his son out the window in the middle of a fire and saved his life

A woman in Arizona, United States, was trapped in the middle of a heavy fire in her apartment on a third floor. In the face of despair the woman began to scream and a former sailor passing through the area, seeing the stage without thinking. The mother, of whom the name is not known, threw her 3-year-old son from the balcony that 28-year-old Phillip Blanks appeared, who was a football player and former sailor, who was at home when he saw the calls of the apartment and came close to help.

That’s where he managed to spot a woman about 30 who was about 30 years old, who was about to do a desperate act, throw the child to save him from the flames. 

Marine and former college wide receiver, Phillip Blanks, caught a 3-year-old thrown from a third-floor balcony by the child’s mother, when their apartment was on fire. Unfortunately, the child’s mother didn’t make it. — Tommie (@ImJustTommie)
July 8, 2020

Phillip, he didn’t think about it and quickly tackled the boy before he hit the ground. Unfortunately, his mother was unable to escape the fire and died in it. «Instinct. I didn’t think much. I just reacted. I just did,» Blanks told a local media. «The guy who was there with me … it looked like I wasn’t going to catch him. So that’s why I came in. I just wanted to make a better catch.» Watch the shocking video

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