translated from Spanish: Health workers report in Michoacán have not received COVID bonus from the Federation

Morelia, Michoacán.- According to the secretary of the Employees Union of the National Health System, Sara Pérez Dimas, the workers of the Secretariat of Health of Michoacán who stayed at the helm during the last quarantine to provide the health services have not received the bonus promised by the Federation.
Pérez Dimas stated that in other states, as in Guanajuato, medical personnel who stayed at the helm to fight the COVID pandemic received up to 30 thousand pesos as a bonus. As a result of the above Sara Pérez undertook to clarify this situation with the state and federal government as it is a bond that the Federation undertook to grant and to date the commitment has not been fulfilled.

He added that in other states as in Chihuahua if the 30% increase in his salary for the concept of work risk was applied; and in IMSS, nationally, there have already been 13 extraordinary payrolls for 781 million pesos, as well as additional bonuses that are already scheduled until July 15. It also noted that in the case of the State of Mexico, payments have been applied on several occasions of around 4 thousand pesos.
Finally, the SESNAS General Secretariat regretted that the Federation saw first-class (IMSS) and second-rate (those of the Ministry of Health) when all had faced the same risk posed by the front-line fight against Coronavirus.

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