translated from Spanish: IMSS day care starts postponed to July 20

Celic Mendoza
Although the opening of IMSS nurseries in the country had been announced for thursday, July 9, the action was postponed for July 20.
As part of the press conferences given by the federal government on the occasion of the Covid-19 pandemic, the director of Economic and Social Benefits of IMSS, Mauricio Hernández reported that it will be until next Monday, July 20 that the doors will be opened to give attention to the little ones.
At the conference he also ensured that protocols are fine-tuned.

He said imSS has 1,411 national day care centers with an installed capacity for 253,000 children. «We currently have 210 thousand 714 enrolled in every state in the country.»

In this regard, it explained that IMSS was given the task of contacting users in order to understand the need for this service.

«Of the 210 thousand fathers and mothers who answered, 73 thousand of them perform an essential activity and this is the universe to be given this benefit,» he explained.

He said that about 35,000 children from the 32 states of the Republic would safely return to children’s stays; while 48 percent of respondents said they will return when the epidemiological traffic light is green and 12 percent responded that they would in August.
Mauricio Hernández Avila commented that the Center centers of the Institute are used to working with protocols, «they know how to operate and have very well established their filters and procedures».

«More than 70,000 workers have taken courses back to normal. This means that they are familiar with the income filter, with the sanitization that must be when entering the Nursery,» he said.

He stressed that all workers were very well trained in the Personal Protective Equipment material they must use to protect themselves and the children.
He noted that the Nursery is a right enshrined in the Social Security Act and sought to keep them open to mothers and fathers who wish to send their children and exercise that right.
In Michoacán there are 42 kept, 22 in Morelia and 20 inside; 39 of the particular scheme and 3 of the IMSS serving 7 thousand 300 children

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