translated from Spanish: In La Falda, the quarantine control party

The Undersecretary of Government of the Municipality of La Falda, Luis Almada, resigned his post after being charged with organizing a massive sprinkle for the birthday of his son attended by a young man with coronavirus. Prosecutor Paula Kelm imputed the three involved for violating health standards set by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Almada was responsible for directing inspectors to monitor quarantine compliance and was in charge of the Secretariat for Institutional Development.

The event was attended by 30 people and was held in the town of Huerta Grande: «Saturday in the house of Dario Charlie (…) All they have is something to drink. After 00 he rots,» the young man posted on his Instagram inviting his friends to the party he called «The Covid-24». Since the pandemic began, the Cordoba city of La Falda has accumulated 17 coronavirus infections. The first belonged to a man who got infected and went to work bank of Villa Dolores. Far from being isolated, he organized a meeting with his friends and four of them were infected, according to EldoceTV.In addition, he held another second meeting of which the young infected man participated who went to the birthday of the son of the former official and generated eight more contagions, including a baby less than one year.

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