translated from Spanish: Residents of Chiapas believe the Covid-19 was invented to kill over 60s

Chiapas.-In Chiapas, about 1000 indigenous tojolabales and tzeltals, marched by caravan to Las Margaritas, to protest the lack of attention their communities live during the pandemic, also noting that the virus was created by laboratories of the Melinda Gates Foundation and the johnson & Johnson company, as published by Proceso on their website. The contingent organized by the Luz and People’s Force Organization of Chiapas reached the municipal head, to express its dissatisfaction with state and federal governments, as they point out that the crisis has affected men and women who focus on the work of the countryside.
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«We want to tell our peoples to wake up to see that the coronavirus was invented and funded by the Melynda Gates Foundation and the Johnson & Johnson company, in laboratories in England. And it was made to kill the over-60s,» Luz and Force of the Chiapas People wrote on Facebook.

The organization with presence in 77 municipalities, notes on its page, the demonstration was convened to denounce the serious health and economic crisis that they are experiencing, where they show the lack of support of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador situation that they drag from previous governments, explained.

They also expressed their dissatisfaction with spraying campaigns against dengue, situations that have triggered in previous days attacks on vehicles and health units where they have caused material damage. You may also be interested:PRI Nacional makes donation of 153 thousand medical suppliesRead CDMX 11 mmdp in contingency

Original source in Spanish

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