translated from Spanish: Withdrawal of AFP funds: Julio César Rodríguez starred in tense debate with Deputy Macaya

On Thursday morning, the overall approval of the project was discussed in the morning of the morning, which would allow up to 10% of the FUNDS to be withdrawn from the AFPs, amid the pandemic. In this sense, he was among the guests to the panel in a virtual way, the UDI deputy Javier Macaya. «In this program, Julius Caesar, yourselves, I have seen you, you have defended a measure like this (…) I was just listening to you, Julius Caesar, to tell you that the backgrounds were stuck with a gigantic baton. And indeed, the funds, this year, in March, hit a gigantic baton. But you see that already the E fund is going in a 3.79 up this year, the A fund goes in a 5.70 this month. I mean, it’s not that real one can say…» he said. After hearing it, Julius Caesar interrupted him and clarified his words: «No, I spoke… So I don’t put words in my mouth, I talk about logic. In financial market roulette, silver is lost and a lot of money is lost. A lot of money was lost in March and, as you rightly say, they have been gradually recovering. Now, surely you will lose some silver, but for the benefit of the workers, give them a profit, which maybe later will also be able to recover. I was talking about logic. It was just that.» So Macaya continued to state, stating that «that’s why we’re modifying it and have been sleeping in the Senate since January the chilean planned system project to make it more supportive,» he said. This has happened for years, Javier,» the animator replied, while Macaya reiterated: «No, if not so many years have passed. If the project…». But Rodriguez interrupted him: «Sorry, workers’ money in the stock rate has passed years,» he said. But Macaya insisted, «If you let me talk, I’ll answer you…» continuing with his point.

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