translated from Spanish: AMLO says he didn’t talk about the wall with Trump to avoid differences

At last Wednesday’s meeting, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and U.S. mandator Donald Trump avoided talking about the border wall.
This was stated by López Obrador at his morning conference this Friday, noting that both preferred to address issues related to the benefit of their countries.
«It is an issue that was not addressed because we tried to make the meeting come from coincidences, that we put aside the differences and that we sought to resolve them (…) it wasn’t an issue we’d like to address,» he said. 
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Without giving further details, he noted that over dinner «there was an expression, but not for the purpose of imposing anything, of another kind.»
The president thanked the U.S. government for not touching this issue. He added that such differences were common between neighbouring countries that are independent and democratic, and that can be resolved through dialogue.
He said his administration will continue to work to further improve the relationship with the US and highlighted Donald Trump’s words to Mexican migrants, who recognized the importance of his work in that country.
«You can’t continue with the same attitude of other times, so I welcome the opening of this new eta in the relationship and treatment towards our countrymen (…) I wish with all my soul that this respectful and non-discriminatory treatment will continue,» he said.
«Nice place to stay»
On the other hand, the president reiterated his thanks to the US government for the attentions received during his visit, which he called «very favorable.» 
He stressed the importance of T-MEC for the benefits it will bring not only to companies, but also to workers and the general population.
«It’s a transcendent agreement. In President Trump’s words, it’s the biggest treaty, he mentioned that they have an agreement with China but this is a more economically and commercially important treaty,» he said.
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The representative also thanked the U.S.-based Mexicans who followed their journey and showed their support.
«We went to represent with decorum and dignity an entire people who are examples for their cultural strength and for their greatness.» 
Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Economy, Graciela Marquez, said that the T-MEC will bring significant benefits to the three countries (EU, Mexico and Canada) in economic and labor matters.
The official said the integration and cooperation of the three nations will be key to making the North American region competitive and generating prosperity again. 
It noted that this treaty, unlike those signed in previous years, was inclusive and would benefit previously forgotten sectors such as workers and SMEs.
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