translated from Spanish: Izkia Siches by announcement of deconfination in Los Ríos and Aysén: «We are a little surprised by the measure»

After the announcement of deconfunding by the Ministry of Health, for the regions of Aysén and Los Ríos, various comments were generated, both from local authorities and organizations, and at the national level. It was the president of the Medical College, Izkia Siches, who referred to this decision that would be implemented gradually. «We are a little surprised by the measure, because we had talked with the Government that one of the first steps was to have a plan of confinement and decon confinement, which would allow us to clearly identify at what stage each of the regions was and to be able to account for these indicators, that this was being fulfilled, that it was out of public knowledge and how it will develop (the descalada) in the different areas of life» , assured radio Universe.With this, he added that although in the Region of Aysén, «the figures have always been very encouraging; there the team of the seremi that is following the pandemic has been very effective, have, for example, quarantined all the people who arrive in the region and with it have managed, from the beginning, to maintain control of the pandemic». However, he added that in Los Ríos «there is a little more doubt around the basal condition.» However, he insisted that there would be a «substantive issue that strikes us attention was to be able to have a much more structured plan before taking action. (…) What we proposed to the Government was to create a plan to scale up and de-escalate confinement, with a series of indicators.» And in this sense, he said that «the indicator that we have nowhere is traceability because it is something that is just being assembled nationally, as well as the levels of bed occupancy, understanding that today many patients have moved to regions, (because) we are functioning as a large centralized bed center». However, he noted that «our country is going to have to start adapting anyway; and, in case the indicators deteriorate, be very aware that we will have to go backwards, not late, without taking actions very early, so that we do not lose sight of control of the pandemic.»

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